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Children Playing

The sound of children playing outside is warming my heart. I immediately feel soothed by their little human voices as they scream in excitement with one another. Is it hide and go seek? Is it tag your it? Oh, I see. They are screeching in laughter while chasing each other round and round in the driveway. The littlest ones are on their scooters and the eldest on his bicycle.

It's a delightfully warm evening. A warm breeze is blowing through my window of the second floor. Surrounded by four other townhomes, I look down to the courtyard bustling happiness and careless freedom. Not a care in the world. I can remember that feeling. I recall it clear as day while watching them circle. It was a warm breeze at my neck while I rode around in my gated neighborhood at sunset. I can hear them now, the sounds of other children laughing and talking loudly to each other, moms yelling for them to come in while dogs barked. My spokes wisped on my way home for dinner.

This particular time of my life was brief. Maybe a year at the most before I was rushed off in the night at the whim of my mother who found some danger that required yet another late night escape. Off to the chaos we went, as we did before and would do many times after

But still, I have that sweet memory. A normal childhood it felt like, free from the discomfort of strange people, cold nights and dirty streets. That memory of riding my bike in my safe and cozy neighborhood is a gift I am grateful for. I got to feel what it was like to be carless and free.

Ah the dogs are barking across the street now, the kids must have poked fun at them before heading in for their dinner time. I retreat from my memory and come back the the present. The courtyard is quiet now; peaceful. How full I am, full of gratitude and love for that soft moment, to witness those little ones simple joy.


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